Monday, February 21, 2011

WICKED - Det Ny Teater

I was finally watching Wicked for the first time yesterday at the danish Det Ny Teater! My my! It was weird not having the English lyrics, but the danish translations was not that bad... :) The acting was really great, and what I was most impressed about was the scenography/set design and costumes!

I am going to watch it again with my family soon. :) They have to watch it.. ^.^

 Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg as Elphaba and Anette Heick as Glinda

   I have been so exited to watch this musical! I think they did areally good job, and I was gloriosly entertained! :) The down side was that the sound technical wasn't working properly. Meh, that was a bit sad, and Fiyero was good but maybe too classical rather than musical. No! He was really good! But not exactly Fiyero. :)
     After Fiyero and Elphabas song, Elphaba in the original says "for the first time I fell - wicked" which is totally awesome, but in the danish she was saying: "for the first time I fell - like an evil witch." Meh. I was like: :/..... That just didn't work. And since they kept the original title for the whole play, why not just keep that single English word to make that song and scene complete. :)

To return to the scenography and the costumes. The danish theater had got the rights to change a lot of the original designs. They were completely Steam Punk inspired, Victorian but in a modern way. With 60 flat screens placed in on stage, and around which illustrated a lot of different things, and a projection wall with big images that made it possible to create a lot of interesting character to the scenes. 


Anonymous said...

what version of wicked it that!!

Louise Lilly Eriksen said...

As written.. It is the danish version of Wicked. :) Very successful.. :D