Sunday, January 29, 2012

Floating Books Wall Shelf

I really like the idea! It must look amazing and very surreal. But still.. If you need the book on the bottom your screwed... I think it look artistic though.. It can be bought here.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Disney - Brave

 I am really looking forward to the new Disney Pixar movie "Brave." I love the main character Merida, she looks so adorable and reminds me of someone I know. XD I think she is one of a cool lady and can't wait to see her in action this summer 2012.

The story should be about Scottish lore. Merida is the daughter of the King and as any other story meets some confrontation and bring chaos to the Kingdom. The animation style reminds me of a combination of original Pixar animation and Scandinavian animation style. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A wedding as it should be

Who haven't always thought about their wedding, and how exactly it should be? How it would be like, and what would be there. Amazing how you can give so much thought to a thing, that shouldn't be given a thought before the time arrived. But somewhat we do it any way - and we kinda love it. We, as in girls mostly. 

At they have presented a picture series of a Steampunk Victorian Wedding taken by Braedon Flynn. And I am sold! I love steampunk and victorian style, and to put it into a wedding just seem so charming, nostalgic and incredibly romantic! Even if your not into the style I think you would agree with me! It is very classy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Falling Awake

Right after musical rehearsal yesterday, I went along with some of my good friends to watch an opera called Falling Awake by Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki, and visualized by Jannie Rask. It was the 1.act, and later it will be possible to see the rest.

Sara Fusager appeared in the opera, and did a great job! It was very interesting - unique would be the word I would use. I am not used to watch works like that, so it was indeed an experience. I am not sure I understood it as well as I wanted to, but I think it's okay since I enjoyed the whole visual and auditive experience.

Alice in Wonderland - Update

Just finished a weekend with a lot of Alice in Wonderland practice. As hoped/expected we got through a lot of things, but somehow I still feel the things we worked with need so much more.. XD And of course it does.. I really have a good feeling about this play, because it is so colourfull and full of energy in the songs and in the characters! :)

We had last week to get some pictures taken for the Danish magazine Kig & Lyt (See and listen) which is a local culture magazine from my town. You can see some of the pictures taken by Kia from our practice here: 

Our stenographer Heidi Plugge is also very busy right now making the pretty things for stage and it looks so lovely! I am so exited about her amazing work! You can see some of the progress here:

19th Birthday

Friday the 20th January I had my birthday. Pff, I hate that 365 goes so fast. I don't know what to do with that day. It always seem to come as a surprise to me, and this year I didn't really have time or money to throw a party... But I had a lovely birthday anyway, and my grandmother came by at Saturday. 

I got some lovely gifts. Money, an AWESOME warm scarf and two CD's by my mother and farther, and a lovely card and a CD from my sister. My grandmother gave me chocolate (because I needed a present) and money.. :)

I had didn't go to school, since we got some canceled lessons and two lessons that was made virtual (assignments that can be made at home) So I started my day by getting some sleep, and later take a nice trip to Copenhagen short. 

In the evening I went to a concert with the Danish band Murduck at Forbrændingen in Albertslund. 
I really enjoyed! Good way to end the day. You can hear some from their last concert here: 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Product of anger

This would be the product of anger and boredom. It is drawn on the back of my homework, so you can see the text through.. XP
Today during class I got really pissed at my teacher (I don't usually get angry easy, but today my health wasn't on top, so it was small things that tricked it.) I had one of my favorite subjects, which I try to participate in. I put up my hand a couple of times, and is not selected - that's fine seriously.. XD But when a teacher you had half a year and tried to impress through the lessons suddenly express that he forgot your name... My mood flipped.. XD Sounds so derp when I write it now, but in the moment with my head it was enough.. :P

So I decided to continue the rest of the lesson, just listening and drawing random stuff... And that weird dragon came out of it..

I haven't drawn in ages. I wish I could do it more often and actually get better.. Forgets the daily draw challenge... Well... Today it is check!

Daily draw

World of Warcraft - No joke people!

Norwegian Boy saves Sister from Moose Attack using World of Warcraft Skills

Rethink that when you judge WoW players!!! XD
( If it is real.. But OF COURSE it is real! XD )

The guy, Hans Jørgen Olsen, a 12-year-old boy used the moves "taunt," and the hunter move to play dead. He got the attention of the moose away from his sister, and afterwards lost the moose's interest by playing dead. I can't believe how amazing that is! :D

original source

Saturday, January 14, 2012

ANIME - Deadman Wonderland

I think for the first time in.. months... if not over half a year I haven't watched anime... I know .. It's wild, but just haven't felt like it.. And I think I began to see a lot of apathetic animes that I didn't find any interrest in at all. I've become very critical concerning anime, and they need a lot of special content or interesting characters before I really "bite" on. But! I felt like I had to give it a chance again, since I really do enjoy watching anime. ;)

I felt over Deadman Wonderland since I've heard some good stuff about it, and generally I liked it. It was so obscure that it was kinda interesting to know how it would end. And of course... It didn't end.. But it ended in a way that I really hope for a season 2. It's a horror/sci-fi/action anime, and that is not saying it all. It is very disturbing. The main character Igarashi Ganta (whom is voiced by Romi Paku!! I love her! She got such a lovely voice for those young boys.!) he ends up in the privately owned prison called Deadman Wonderland. It is not an ordinary prison, but also an amusement park where the prisoners is a part of the amusement - if I say horror, you'll know what I mean... We meet a lot of different characters, but I think almost too many considered it's only on 12 episodes, you don't really make a relationship to any off them besides Ganta and the mystical girl, Shiro, that he meets.
I do recommend it for people who like a little action and horror! ;)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Frenger - An Unkown Guest

Not quite friends - not quite strangers... - Mew

I had a little visit when I returned to my home today. A very gentle cat sat at my garage and followed me to my door.. I was not aloud to walk pass him/she.. XD Insanely cute and lovely! I just wanted to share that with you since I have a big weakness for cats and dogs.. XP lol

Tror ikke den er løbet hjemmefra, men alligevel. Bor du i Ballerup området eller udenfor og savner den her kat.. Ja så hænger den altså ud omkring mit hus :)