Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling good

- A soft bed
- A rainy weather (open window, smells goood!)
- A cup of tea
- A party later
- A 10 (B) in the Media year assignment this morning
- And Sex and the City on the computer

= Feeling good. Insanely tired, but its okay cause I can relax right now!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(Uhh, Cosplay anniversary! Number ten!)
5th May 2011
First used:
8th May 2011 at SVS-con

I haven't taken any photoshoot with this cosplay yet, so it will be photos taken by awesome people at SVS-con 2011 that you can see! :) I will upload photos from the great shot I hope we will get this Summer! By we I mean my sister as Flynn and Samie as my Mother Gothel..! <3 (Go to Samies blog if you wanna see the amazing progress of her costume!)


 Flynn correcting on Rapunzel.. Tsk..
Photo by Liv Winkelmann
Le long wig... and booty shake..Photo by Liv Winkelmann
AND photos from our Tangled act taken by Sascha,!
Super fun to perform! Thought the music was sooo low.

We won for best craft! My sister totally derserved that! Look at her work: wantedlupin

My sister have uploaded our act if you are interested in seeing it. ;)
We are just fooling around and having fun! :)

Thank you for viewing my Rapunzel cosplay! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dress Makers Dummie!

My sister went out to buy a stand manequin/dressmakers dummie the day before yesterday! (I'll call it a stand) Woop! I haven't written a convention report about SVS-con which were in the start of May.. Buuh me.. It will come! Totally outdated! XD But back to what I was saying. At that convention my sister and I won 1000 danish crowns in the competition for "Best Craft" with our Tangled costumes. OH MY! It was mostly my sisters prize, she worked with every single little detail on her Flynn costume to the maximum!

But well.. Back to the stand. We decided instead of giving 500 to each of us, we would use it to by this stand which is possible to change sizes. About time eh!? XD I can't believe how many times I have stung myself with needles to make my past costumes. XD Especially with the latest Rapunzel, that stupid corsage. In front of a mirror, sticking needles in the the corsage - and my skin. NEVER AGAIN! Welcome dear stand! Welcome in the sick cosplay home of the Eriksen sisters!

Time for dramatic pictures from when my sister opened the package, and I stood with my camera without helping her, while she yelled at me for not helping. X) 

It will be standing in my sisters room.