Friday, September 30, 2011

Morning Rose

Morning! I wish you all a lovely Friday!
The weather in Denmark is lovely! Almost Summer like!
If the weather wasn't this well, I would have hit the ground this morning. I had a terrible night, and I'm still slightly sick this morning. As I said. Thank god for the weather, the sun is more of a medicine than anything else!


I had to get some fresh air early this morning when I woke up, and I found this beautiful rose in our garden which was covered with tiny water drops. I had to fetch my camera. The pictures are boring, but I still hope you will enjoy the beauty of the rose..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nostalgic theater

Just heard two of the songs from Tankeforbrydelsen again.. Gosh I loved to perform that play.. I really miss it. Luckely I'm quite busy right now with theater so the longing is not problematic.. ;D Please enjoy if you like. :)

Here is the a live recording of the song Unnatural Selection, which is where the Thoughts scream out about the problem. I really love the song, (the music is awesome!) I sing the first three lines (from 0.49 to 0.60), in a very angry tone. XD Then followed up by Sabine and then the first chorus begins. Enjoy!

The ultimato ending song! You will know the melody as Uprising! It was so cool! This is where Winston steps up and goes against the system!!! Woop!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Times of the essence

I can't believe that its already the 20th September! Time goes so fast right now! I can't keep track at all! I got a calender and stuff I have to do, but everything else is just so impulsive and half hearted. If you read the post with Derpie earlier - you would also know that I forget everything, and loose as well... Damn, I lost my very expensive reading glasses, and got my bike stolen for the first time last Thursday. Damn I was down, stupid people, I loved that mountain bike.. T_T And it didn't help that it was late, and I had to walk home and get up early the next day. Meh...

But besides sounding so negative about everything going so fast - I would like to focus on some of the positive and scary stuff!

Yesterday in school we were to get our heads measured and choose which kind of "hat" we want this summer, when the final exams are over. That was very badly written of me, damn you know what I mean! I can't believe that two years of gymnasium school is over, and that this is the last year... It's a good thing, it's gonna be great to finish, but also a bit sad.. After this things get serious, and I have no idea what I'm going to do afterward. :S

Besides that! On Monday the 26th September, it will be the first day to try out Herkules in Glassalen in Tivoli, the place where the play will be performed. It's going to be awesome! And a bit scary that we're closing in to the premiere. And hey! Do you live in Denmark and have time in the "Efterårsferie" then go get your tickets here! ;D

Monday, September 5, 2011

New play - Alice in Wonderland

I was at this intro meeting yesterday at my "youth school" where I had played theater before. We were going to hear about this years production - Alice in Wonderland! The truth is that I had said to my self that I was NOT going to participate this year, because of my last year in high school and because I'm already in another play that takes a lot of time - and everyday in October. BUT! Come on! Alice in Wonderland! I CAN NOT RESIST IT! They have a lot of brilliant ideas on the story line, and the music they are gonna use! love..... I am really exited about it! They also have a lot of ideas on the scenography and costumes. Drool.. There will be audition tomorrow evening, and I am fairly nervous. I know the people who will be there, but.. I'm just really bad at presenting in front of a few people... Meh, I'll learn it someday! :3 Wah, it's gonna be good! But stressful! Gotta make it all fit together with school and other free time stuff (; Looking forward to it! :)

I feel - Derpy...

I can't express how extremely derpy and goofy I am at the moment. I fall, I trip, I comment on things in public that people act on, I forget stuff and yeah.. I'm just clumsy. Why? WHY?!?!