Sunday, February 6, 2011



Sorry I am just not up to date....
Last monday (2011-01-31) I finally got to watch Tangled! I have been waiting for soooo long!
I was so tempted to download it or watch it online, buut, I wanted to see it in good quality and in 3D for the first time - and downloading is illegal...! tsk...

Well... I have tried before to have extremly high expectations to a movie, and get dissapointed when I finally see it.... Did this happen to Tangled? HELL NO! 

Disney never disappoint! It was even better than I imagined it would be!
It got it all.. Good songs, great characters, love, an amazing villain, lovable creatures, fantastic soundtrack once again produced by Alan Menken, and great voice actors! (English for the win...) All in all, a masterpiece, a great number 50 classic from Disney!

I cried like hell, I laughed like hell, I tried not to sing along to the songs like hell... I ENJOYED IT LIKE HELL! XD Damn... It was good... I will be buying it on Blue-Ray in the end of the month... I have to.. Go to the internet and order it... :)

Watching the film got me motivated to finally get moving with my Rapunzel costume... I got the wig (well almost.. It got the weight of 2kilo but I still need to buy more hair to put into it) and now in this weekend, I made the under white skirt, and the skirt! (without brodery.. I'm not that fast...) :)
I'm really exited about this cosplay! The most expensive and complex (who would have thought that) cosplay I have ever made.. XP It ought to be good... 


chikara said...

AWSOME awesome!! :D :D
I love tangled! watched it yesterday, best two hours of struggling with slow internet and megavideo!

I simply gotta go see it, asap!

★ リーナ ★ said...

Den er sååå god ;___; jeg græd og grinte også bare så meget!~~ Total amazing movie ♥

Anonymous said...

These photos are fantastic! Great Quality! I love this film! The last photo i love, but the horse is on the boat but in the film he doesnt go on... That is not ur fault I no. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! THEY ARE BRILLIANT!