Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ego problem?

Because I like the glasses... Problem?

Game of books!

This might be a bad thing - since this day is too good to be true! I'm not looking forward to the fallback! But dear lord, let me enjoy this moment of happiness and luck!

1. Had a lovely exam today! I "had" to watch some of Lars Von Triers Danish series "Riget" and talk about that! Media and Danish! Maaan! I couldn't stop talking! XD So lucky!

2.My trip home was with no problems with the public transportation! 1 minute to my train, 2 minutes to my bus! God! What a rare sight! 

3. I received my Game of Thrones special edition books I've been waiting for, and they are sooo pretty! 

4. I'm going to my theater today, God I love to act! :)

Whats up?!?!?! Problem? 


Monday, June 4, 2012

Last days at school

Jeg kan ikke finde søvnen her aftenen før min Skriftlig Musik eksamen... Jeg skal op om to en halv time, men i stedet for at prøve at sove - vil jeg nu endelig dele nogle af de billeder jeg tog de sidste par dage i selvskab med min dejlige klasse. ! :) Enjoy! - I did!