Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy bus drivers are CRAZY!

I do not know what it is at the moment... But I tend to go into buses with craaaazy bus drivers!
I have gotten nausea every morning this week, because the bus driver is so bad with the speeder. Stops, drives, stops, drives...

And today when I was heading home - in a very good mood atleast! - the bus driver just - didn't stop before he was pass the busstop. Well... Respect for the man, he did stop when he found out he had driven by... Poor me for naively standing up and get ready to go of the bus. I somehow tend to fly from the back of the bus to the front, where a gentle lady catches me before I go any longer...

As I said - I was in a good mood, and very chocked and surpriced so I began to laugh, thanked the woman and hurried out of the bus (which by the way in this rush hour was pretty filled with people who stared at me)

I hope I will get on a normal bus tomorrow!

Monday, August 29, 2011

One of those nightmares

I had this scary nightmare last night... I dreamed I woke up from my bed and walked to the kitchen. Then I heard the sound of my bird and walked into the living room. There she were sitting on one of the shelves singing. I was so happy to see her, and called her to me. She sat on my finger, and I cuddled gently with her and replied her song as I used to. Then my mother walked into the room, and I said of joy: "Look mom! She's okay!" Them my mom looked at me with a confused look: "Sweetie, she died last year." And I was shocking my head, but then she flew from my finger, over to her cage and in that second she fell to the floor, the exact image I saw the day she died while I had high fever. This time she was just older - rotten. I cried.

I walked back to the kitchen, but before I reached the door, my dog appeared in front of me. And I screamed - I screamed so loud. He was just jumping at me with his "happy face." I wanted to cuddle him, but I couldn't. How could I? He was dead. He laid down and looked at me with his brown eyes - then he disappeared. I returned to my room and my bed, and woke up again this morning. Empty house - damn. I hate nightmares when they play with your past.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Cheap! Because I am so freaking poor! XP 
My lovely Sony Ericsson mobilephone which I had in almost 4 years, suddenly died one day. It had been such an incredible phone... "
"Why?! How could you?! My heart is broken! We've been together for almost 5 years! I've touched you every single day, and watched over you with my life! We've been everywhere together! And now you are doing that?! I trusted you even before the androids and iPhones became popular! Curse you Sony Ericsson C900i! Why wont you work properly anymore?!"
I am not the kind of person who changes phone every now and then because of gadget new pew pew awesome power! I simply do not have the money for that. XP I like to spend it on other things...
But well! It works! Got a bad camera an all that, but what the, I have a Canon EOS 450D for pictures, this is a goddamn phone! XP

The funny thing is.. This evening a problem raised with the messaging system, so I gotta call the company tomorrow. ._. Oh well.. 

See you!