Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"...Det værste ved det hele var, at føle sig fremmed, der hvor man før havde følt sig allermest hjemme."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm such a CopyCat

Hi guys, today I'll be hipster FOR YOU!!! White hair does not - suit me...
We were going to make a show at Frederiksberg Rådhus, and the girl who originally plays the character Elvi from Valhal, asked me to take her part (I was her understudy) since she were not aloud to have any more absence from school. It was a pretty random event, but funny anyhow!

I can't explain how wrong it was to wear a costume "that was not originally yours." I sincerely felt guilty towards the girl whose role it was. Really weird, but despite that interesting enough to try the outfit. ;)


Hi guys! Yeah, screw the entry I wrote earlier about being more active on the blog... It seems like - just suck. The end. I'm not made for having an updated blog. I hope you'll follow me still anyhow, and see my random post once in a while. Less is more right? :P

Well, a lot of things happened - as usual. I'm actually grateful for having a life with a lot of different things going on, I like being occupied with too much stuff. Reduces the stupid silent moments in life which I find unbearable.

I just finished playing in Glassalen in Tivoli with Eventyrteatret. We played Valhal with inspiration from the Nordic Mythology. It was such a lovely process! It is so weird it's already over, I really enjoyed it and miss it all already. :) I'm so grateful that I can appear in Eventyrteatret's Christmas play as well. :) It is a lovely ending to my time at Eventyrteatret. :)

Here is some pictures I took during the time we performed. Hope you like them. :)

I was playing a Valkyrie, together with these lovely ladies: 
Pressphoto is by Hergaard Fotografi