Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black Swan partitur

Hah! Modtog lige det node partitur jeg havde bestilt i forbindelse med SRP skrivningen. Jeg kunne downloade noderne enkeltvis (mod betaling selvfølgelig) men tænkte jeg nu egentlig gerne i andledningen ville have dem fysisk, var heller ikke helt sikker på hvilke numre jeg egentlig ville analysere. Well, jeg fik at vide det ville tage 6-10 dage med fragten og det endte med at tage - 4 uger... Jeg kunne jo ikke leve uden noderne, så betalte så for tre numre online.. T_T *Følelsen af at have brugt mange penge på sin SRP uden grund.... damn*

Når men nu har jeg den.. Og det er et meget flot hæfte. 87kr plus ca. 79kr i fragt... Ja jeg bestilte så jeg kunne få den hurtigt... Det skete ikke...MEN jeg fik den da! Sheetmusicplus!
Er du interesseret i at købe noget derinde fra inden den 4. februar 2012, så skriv da lige til mig da jeg har en coupon kode som giver 1.50$ rabbat. JEG VED DET! Man sparer bare maks!!! XP

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Vi mennesker siger og gør ting, som skal få os til at fremstå bedre, 
end vi i virkeligheden er."
- Lone Aburas, Den Svære Toer

English vs Danish

You make it very easy for me to decide...
Because of the great votes, I've come to the conclusion, that I decide what language I write in.. XD
It will change, cause sometimes I feel like doing it in English and other times just rage out in Danish. Thanks for voting! XP

Christmas 2011

Juleaften går hurtigere og hurtigere for hvert år der går. No wonder. Jeg har ikke rigtig været i julestemning i år, så det var virkelig svært at sætte sig ind i al den hygge og jul, men det gik og det blev da en rigtig dejlig aften med sindssyg god mad og nogle dejlige gaver. Og ja, jeg vil da også som så mange andre blære mig med hvad jeg fik. :)

Christmas eve goes faster and faster every year. No wonder. I haven't been in a real Christmas mood this year at all, so it was a bit hard to feel the lovely Christmas spirit, but it turned out to be a really lovely evening anyway with fantastic food and some great presents. And yes, I want to share what I got as well! :)

- Engle og Dæmoner af Dan Brown Angels and Demons
- Oxford Advanced Learner's English dictionary
- Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
- The Sims 3 - Kæledyr
- Penge

I wish I had some photos to share with you, but still I have no camera..

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Hello everybody!
I just wanna wish you a Happy Christmas!!!

I must admit I personally get extremely melancholic and depressed, but I smile outwards and wanna enjoy the lovely food and company of my family! <3 I hope you will have a lovely evening as well, having a great time! :)

I would like to share with you my all time favorite winter photo of my dog Charlie. It's an old one and is taken with my old phone, but there is no limit to the beauty he gives a crappy camera... Damn I wish I had him to celebrate Christmas :)

One of my new years resolutions is to be a bit more
- happy - about myself, so I'll just start now share a photo of my totally not awesome curly hair for this Christmas evening! XP
And yes - good old webcam... My camera is in the hands of an unknown person.. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Black Swan Theory

"The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept that The event is a surprise (to the observer) and has a major impact. After the fact, the event is rationalized by hindsight. The "Black Swan Theory" says that there are "Black Swan events" that have a major impact on the course of history."

Monday, December 5, 2011

SRP is ON!

Så kom så dagen der var både frygtet og ventet. Dagen hvor problemformuleringen til SRP'en blev udleveret og skrivedagene nu er blevet sparket igang. Jeg har prøvet at holde mig nogenlunde optimistisk her op til forløbet, for ikke at få opgaven til at komme som et alt for stort chock når dagen nu oprendte. Optimismen har ikke mindst været der af god grund! Jeg regner med at mine læsere har en nogenlunde forståelse for hvad SRP'en går ud på, om ikke andet finder du nok ud af det. De fag jeg har valgt er følgende:
  •  Musik A
  •  Mediefag B

Jeg kunne ikke forestille mig bedre fag at skrive opgave i! Det er to fag jeg virkelig elsker, og hvor jeg ikke ser metoderne og teorien som slavisk gymnasie arbejde, men rent faktisk et vidensområde jeg virkelig ønsker at bevæge mig ind på. Ikke desto mindre har jeg valgt at beskæftige mig med filmen Black Swan. Jeg blev virkelig fascineret første gang jeg så den film, og det på den visuelle og auditive side. Så hvorfor ikke gå i dybden med den i sin SRP? JA TAK!

Now came the day that was both feared and waited. The day where the SRP begun. SRP is short for a very important study assignment that students have to make in Denmark to get their exam on their last year at high school. You write this assignment where you operate with two of your main subjects. I have tried to stay very optimistic about it all, and it sure helped that I chose two subjects I love dearly:
Music and Media.
     I couldn't think of better subjects to write this big assignment with. I have choosen to write about the film Black Swan. I loved it so much the first time I watched it, and knew that when I was going to write with Music and Media, it was ideal.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Update on November

Yes... This will be a boring update on my life this November. Since I have no skills in blogging at all, you'll just get it all in one post. Sorry for my language and for being pretty straight forward. 

Btw, some of it might seem a little weird (time sense), I wrote the most of this post last week...

November is the month of emotional roller coaster! A lot have happened which have been insanely good, and awful. Well I think that's what everybody would call life. It is just difficult to figure out if you are going to be all positive about it, or just stay negative not to get overwhelmed all the time. I tried both, and it drives you mad and gives you a mood that you cannot control. So I'll just deal with everything when it stands right in front of me. My philosophy right now: "One day at a time." And I'm sorry if this is a problem to the people around me, sincerely I am, cause I know it is. But if I don't think that way, I'll collapse. I didn't have much time for sleeping this month which have evolved into a very low immune and I have had these days where I felt really bad. And now at the end of the month I lost my voice completely.. And I'm just ill, ill and ill.

I had my theory test to my drivers license 3rd of November. BAM! I had one mistake more than was aloud. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Weird questions. I was so angry and dissapointed. But nevertheless not embarrassed, either way I wouldn't write about it here. It happens.  It is so expensive, and I had no time to take it again. And if I didn't get it fast I wouldn't get my final test to the driver license because of the weather that (maybe) soon will change in Denmark. BUT! Luckely for me already got a time the following week - and I passed. Yay for me I guess!

The 11th, 12th and 13th of November we had the danish convention J-Popcon in DGI-byen in Copenhagen. I would really love to make a separate post about it, but it would be boring since I have no pictures - and let me tell you why!
     At Monday the 7th of November we had a break in into our house. Well thank you God all mighty above, just what I needed. I had had the worst day in school, I was very sick and hat the longest trip home. I intended to drug my self and go to sleep as soon as I stepped into the house. And what did I see... Yes, what you see when you have had a break in. I can tell you. I yelled. I yelled as I have never yelled before... Anger filled the whole of my body, I felt robbed of course, but also extremely offended. My private space had been provoked in a way that it snapped for me. I ran round in the house hyperventilating and yelling - seriously never been so mad. And I felt so weak and helpless because of my sickness. I tried to call my farther but he didn't understand a word I said before I calmed down. The police came but like I expected - they did nothing since they can't do anything about it other than write down the circumstances etc. We lost a lot of very important things - AND I HOPE YOU ***** WHO TOOK IT FELL GREAT! God dammit...
     Well back to J-Popcon 2011. Since I had my mood swings and "oh so busy life" I had no time to make a new costume for J-popcon. And I didn't really feel so much for my old ones. So I decided that I would go natural (almost) all weekend, and take pictures of all the gorgeous people around me instead! :) But now you see.. We had a break in... and they amongst other things took the love of my life. Dearest Canon EOS 450D... No pictures at J-Popcon. So be it. But it was a nice weekend! Though I was feeling completely beside myself I really enjoyed! I got to see some lovable friends from Germany and Italy! <3 Thank God. And insanely huge congratulations to my girls Samie and Yoshu whom one the qualifications to the WCS 2012!!! I can't describe the joy I felt when they won! Yes - honestly - I cried when their names was shouted. I had cried so hard if no one was looking. I've never tried it before I think, to get filled with so much happiness because of those girls. Their performance was incredible and .. yes.. Waow, Gosh I'm glad they won! :)

Well, on the theater front - Now when Herkules is over, I got time to focus on my theater at Ballerup Ungdomsskole. We were at a small trip with the group the 29th and 30th where we got our characters/roles. As I wrote in an earlier post we're going to perform a new written version of Alice in Wonderland. The role of Alice is split in five different parts, to symbolize the change in her size etc. (and because of pedagogical reasons. XD) Well the thing is, I am to be one of these Alices! :) I hoped to get a crazy role now that it is Alice in Wonderland, but I'm really glad and I'm really looking forward to work with it all. :) We had some rehearsals and I'm loving it. :3 I hope when November ends that I'll get even more time for it, since I been really ill and had a lot of things I had to do so I couldn't be at every rehearsal.
    Lets stay with theater. We are now done playing Metamorfoser at my Gymnasium. It is a Greek inspired multi theater performance originally written by Ovid. It has been a weird.. Good now doubt! But weird, especially because I've been beside myself.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Jeg fik det!

Jeg var oppe til den praktiske prøve i dag klokken 07:00 og bestod! Den prøvesagkyndige jeg skulle have var sindssyg flink og behagelig at køre med! :) Han talte stille og roligt, spurgte ind til hvad jeg lavede til dagligt, grinte når jeg jokede og jokede med. Der var grænser for hvor nervøs jeg egentlig kunne være fordi han bare var så hyggelig og beroligende at snakke med. :) Jeg kan slet ikke beskrive hvor rart det er at have fået det overstået. Nu skal jeg ikke tænke på det mere, det er ude af verden! :D 


I was to the final "test" today to get my drivers license and I passed! I was driving at 07:00 o'clock in the morning, and my driving-test examiner was really kind and removed almost all my nervousness! :) I can't describe the relief I feel right now. It's out of the way! YAY! :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Når man begynder, at tænke man skal huske at orienterer sig bagud og blinke inden man overhæler en person ved Vanløse Metrostation i myldretiden, fordi man syntes vedkommende går for langsomt, så begynder køreprøve stressen langsomt at vise sig… 


Monday, November 28, 2011

Which language should I use in my blog?

Hey People!

Please vote to the right which language you would prefer I wrote in. ----------->
I have been writing in English since I had the feeling that I got some foreign readers at some point... But I've considered if I should just change it to Danish (but keep my cosplay blog English)

What do you say?

Ewan McGregor Plays With Light Sabres

Thursday, October 27, 2011

King Zimmer

I can't describe my love to Hans Zimmer's work. I find him one of the most talented film composers. One of my favourite scores is the number "All of them" from the film "King Arthur." The film itself was not that convincing, I really like the actors etc. but it was not amazing. The soundtrack on the other hand - waow...

I have listened to this track to death since it came with the film. The intention, the change in mood the atmosphere - everything makes it incredible! If you haven't listened to it before, please find time to play it one day! :)

Hans Zimmer
All of them

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nerdy Lunch? Yes please!

I wish my lunch would look like that.... I wouldn't mind.... 
"MOOOM! you are creative with food right?!"

Sunday, October 9, 2011


 Så er Herkules i Glassalen i Tivoli skudt i gang med et brag af en premiere den 8/9-2011!
The family musical "Herkules" now had its premiere in Tivoli the 8/9-211!

Jeg kan simpelthen ikke beskrive hvor meget jeg nyder at være med i denne her forestilling! Gosh. Følelsen af lige pludselig at stå og fyre noget af du har arbejdet meget på foran et publikum er ubeskriveligt! Virkelig dejlig følelse, damn jeg elsker at optræde for folk! Alle medvirkende er også bare sindssyg dygtige og jeg ser op til hver og én for deres unikke karakterer! Jeg spiller slæng af Dionysos og er en party statist der nyder det for groft! :D Vi spillede to forestillinger i dag, og der er nu 19 tilbage, som foregår i næste uge og to gange hver dag hele efterårsferien. Så skynd dig at få billet her! ;D

I can't describe how much I enjoy being a part of this play! Gosh. The felling of suddenly standing and perform something you have worked hard on to an audience is undescribable! Really lovely felling, damn I love to perform to others! All the participants in the musical are so incredibly talented and I look up to each and everyone of them for their unique characters! I play one of Dionysos' gang and is a party We played two times today, and there is now 19 more to go from next week and two times a day in the autumn holiday week. minor person but enjoying it like crazy!

Foto: Ole Mortensen /

Vi fik en rigtig flot anmeldelse fra Jyllands Posten af Henrik Lyding som var inde og se stykket på premieren. Han gav stykket 5 stjerner ud af 6. Har du interesse kan du læse anmeldelsen her. :)

We got a really great review in the Danish news paper, Jyllands Posten, by Henrik Lyding who watched the play on the premiere. He gave the play 5 stars out of 6! :)

Foto: Ole Mortensen /

Min mor og far var inde og se det, og jeg håber de kunne lide det. De havde en flot rose med til mig, som jeg blev sindsyg glad for. Men da jeg kom hjem senere på aftenen, stod der lidt mere end en rød rose på bordet til mig. Tak mor! Gaven og kortet er fra Eventyrteatret. :)

My mom and dad was watching it on the premiere, and I hope they liked it. They had a beautiful rose for me, I got so happy! But when I got home later that night, more than a rose stood on my table. Thanks mom! The gift and the card is from Eventyrteatret. :)


Fuck hvor er det frustrerende!
...når ens humør bare bliver revet i fra begge sider...

Den ene side af mig er utrolig glad, helt oppe at køre og føler alting bare går for sindssygt godt.
Den anden side er rasende, ked af det og skuffet
De to ting mikset sammen på samme tid giver bare det voldsomste mood kaos indvendigt. 

Jeg hælder mod den gode side, så må resten sku vente...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Morning Rose

Morning! I wish you all a lovely Friday!
The weather in Denmark is lovely! Almost Summer like!
If the weather wasn't this well, I would have hit the ground this morning. I had a terrible night, and I'm still slightly sick this morning. As I said. Thank god for the weather, the sun is more of a medicine than anything else!


I had to get some fresh air early this morning when I woke up, and I found this beautiful rose in our garden which was covered with tiny water drops. I had to fetch my camera. The pictures are boring, but I still hope you will enjoy the beauty of the rose..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nostalgic theater

Just heard two of the songs from Tankeforbrydelsen again.. Gosh I loved to perform that play.. I really miss it. Luckely I'm quite busy right now with theater so the longing is not problematic.. ;D Please enjoy if you like. :)

Here is the a live recording of the song Unnatural Selection, which is where the Thoughts scream out about the problem. I really love the song, (the music is awesome!) I sing the first three lines (from 0.49 to 0.60), in a very angry tone. XD Then followed up by Sabine and then the first chorus begins. Enjoy!

The ultimato ending song! You will know the melody as Uprising! It was so cool! This is where Winston steps up and goes against the system!!! Woop!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Times of the essence

I can't believe that its already the 20th September! Time goes so fast right now! I can't keep track at all! I got a calender and stuff I have to do, but everything else is just so impulsive and half hearted. If you read the post with Derpie earlier - you would also know that I forget everything, and loose as well... Damn, I lost my very expensive reading glasses, and got my bike stolen for the first time last Thursday. Damn I was down, stupid people, I loved that mountain bike.. T_T And it didn't help that it was late, and I had to walk home and get up early the next day. Meh...

But besides sounding so negative about everything going so fast - I would like to focus on some of the positive and scary stuff!

Yesterday in school we were to get our heads measured and choose which kind of "hat" we want this summer, when the final exams are over. That was very badly written of me, damn you know what I mean! I can't believe that two years of gymnasium school is over, and that this is the last year... It's a good thing, it's gonna be great to finish, but also a bit sad.. After this things get serious, and I have no idea what I'm going to do afterward. :S

Besides that! On Monday the 26th September, it will be the first day to try out Herkules in Glassalen in Tivoli, the place where the play will be performed. It's going to be awesome! And a bit scary that we're closing in to the premiere. And hey! Do you live in Denmark and have time in the "Efterårsferie" then go get your tickets here! ;D

Monday, September 5, 2011

New play - Alice in Wonderland

I was at this intro meeting yesterday at my "youth school" where I had played theater before. We were going to hear about this years production - Alice in Wonderland! The truth is that I had said to my self that I was NOT going to participate this year, because of my last year in high school and because I'm already in another play that takes a lot of time - and everyday in October. BUT! Come on! Alice in Wonderland! I CAN NOT RESIST IT! They have a lot of brilliant ideas on the story line, and the music they are gonna use! love..... I am really exited about it! They also have a lot of ideas on the scenography and costumes. Drool.. There will be audition tomorrow evening, and I am fairly nervous. I know the people who will be there, but.. I'm just really bad at presenting in front of a few people... Meh, I'll learn it someday! :3 Wah, it's gonna be good! But stressful! Gotta make it all fit together with school and other free time stuff (; Looking forward to it! :)

I feel - Derpy...

I can't express how extremely derpy and goofy I am at the moment. I fall, I trip, I comment on things in public that people act on, I forget stuff and yeah.. I'm just clumsy. Why? WHY?!?! 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy bus drivers are CRAZY!

I do not know what it is at the moment... But I tend to go into buses with craaaazy bus drivers!
I have gotten nausea every morning this week, because the bus driver is so bad with the speeder. Stops, drives, stops, drives...

And today when I was heading home - in a very good mood atleast! - the bus driver just - didn't stop before he was pass the busstop. Well... Respect for the man, he did stop when he found out he had driven by... Poor me for naively standing up and get ready to go of the bus. I somehow tend to fly from the back of the bus to the front, where a gentle lady catches me before I go any longer...

As I said - I was in a good mood, and very chocked and surpriced so I began to laugh, thanked the woman and hurried out of the bus (which by the way in this rush hour was pretty filled with people who stared at me)

I hope I will get on a normal bus tomorrow!

Monday, August 29, 2011

One of those nightmares

I had this scary nightmare last night... I dreamed I woke up from my bed and walked to the kitchen. Then I heard the sound of my bird and walked into the living room. There she were sitting on one of the shelves singing. I was so happy to see her, and called her to me. She sat on my finger, and I cuddled gently with her and replied her song as I used to. Then my mother walked into the room, and I said of joy: "Look mom! She's okay!" Them my mom looked at me with a confused look: "Sweetie, she died last year." And I was shocking my head, but then she flew from my finger, over to her cage and in that second she fell to the floor, the exact image I saw the day she died while I had high fever. This time she was just older - rotten. I cried.

I walked back to the kitchen, but before I reached the door, my dog appeared in front of me. And I screamed - I screamed so loud. He was just jumping at me with his "happy face." I wanted to cuddle him, but I couldn't. How could I? He was dead. He laid down and looked at me with his brown eyes - then he disappeared. I returned to my room and my bed, and woke up again this morning. Empty house - damn. I hate nightmares when they play with your past.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Cheap! Because I am so freaking poor! XP 
My lovely Sony Ericsson mobilephone which I had in almost 4 years, suddenly died one day. It had been such an incredible phone... "
"Why?! How could you?! My heart is broken! We've been together for almost 5 years! I've touched you every single day, and watched over you with my life! We've been everywhere together! And now you are doing that?! I trusted you even before the androids and iPhones became popular! Curse you Sony Ericsson C900i! Why wont you work properly anymore?!"
I am not the kind of person who changes phone every now and then because of gadget new pew pew awesome power! I simply do not have the money for that. XP I like to spend it on other things...
But well! It works! Got a bad camera an all that, but what the, I have a Canon EOS 450D for pictures, this is a goddamn phone! XP

The funny thing is.. This evening a problem raised with the messaging system, so I gotta call the company tomorrow. ._. Oh well.. 

See you!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cosplay Page

I am now trying to breath life into my cosplay page again! So I just wanted to inform the people who follows this blog - that if they are ONLY interested in cosplay stuff, then follow THIS BLOG instead! :) Then you can leave out all those boring entries I will make in this blog. :) I will still be posting updates in this blog about cosplay, but NOT progress photos etc.

Hope you all have a great summer! :) I have! I haven't been traveling, but I have had the opportunity to rest, get organized etc.! ;D

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm not a blogger

I made one thing clear to me today. 
.... I am no blogger.

I'm a person who "sometimes like to share the little random things in life to people on the internet who sometimes read the little random things" kind of person. But I have no need, or urge to share my life with people. 

So let's just leave it at the "sometimes..." person.... and see you at next post!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling good

- A soft bed
- A rainy weather (open window, smells goood!)
- A cup of tea
- A party later
- A 10 (B) in the Media year assignment this morning
- And Sex and the City on the computer

= Feeling good. Insanely tired, but its okay cause I can relax right now!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(Uhh, Cosplay anniversary! Number ten!)
5th May 2011
First used:
8th May 2011 at SVS-con

I haven't taken any photoshoot with this cosplay yet, so it will be photos taken by awesome people at SVS-con 2011 that you can see! :) I will upload photos from the great shot I hope we will get this Summer! By we I mean my sister as Flynn and Samie as my Mother Gothel..! <3 (Go to Samies blog if you wanna see the amazing progress of her costume!)


 Flynn correcting on Rapunzel.. Tsk..
Photo by Liv Winkelmann
Le long wig... and booty shake..Photo by Liv Winkelmann
AND photos from our Tangled act taken by Sascha,!
Super fun to perform! Thought the music was sooo low.

We won for best craft! My sister totally derserved that! Look at her work: wantedlupin

My sister have uploaded our act if you are interested in seeing it. ;)
We are just fooling around and having fun! :)

Thank you for viewing my Rapunzel cosplay! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dress Makers Dummie!

My sister went out to buy a stand manequin/dressmakers dummie the day before yesterday! (I'll call it a stand) Woop! I haven't written a convention report about SVS-con which were in the start of May.. Buuh me.. It will come! Totally outdated! XD But back to what I was saying. At that convention my sister and I won 1000 danish crowns in the competition for "Best Craft" with our Tangled costumes. OH MY! It was mostly my sisters prize, she worked with every single little detail on her Flynn costume to the maximum!

But well.. Back to the stand. We decided instead of giving 500 to each of us, we would use it to by this stand which is possible to change sizes. About time eh!? XD I can't believe how many times I have stung myself with needles to make my past costumes. XD Especially with the latest Rapunzel, that stupid corsage. In front of a mirror, sticking needles in the the corsage - and my skin. NEVER AGAIN! Welcome dear stand! Welcome in the sick cosplay home of the Eriksen sisters!

Time for dramatic pictures from when my sister opened the package, and I stood with my camera without helping her, while she yelled at me for not helping. X) 

It will be standing in my sisters room.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There are nine million bicycles...

This picture would be from the summer two years ago of one of my best friends Josephine..!  :D
I find it really cute someway. :3

One of those... GOOD days!

Today we had really good weather in Denmark!

I woke up, not in the best mood since I had a very irritating nightmare.. You know those ones that are just haunting your whole mood when you wake up? Exactly. Really irritating.
     But I got up! Finished my book, and went off to Eventyrteatret. I actually haven't told it yet on the blog, but I got a role in this years play at Eventyrteatret! Woop! I was selected to be a part of the parade (singing choir and making impro theater beside the play.) But then I got a call last week, where they asked me to join the play; Herkules. Awesome! The girls who had the roles had to leave because they got a part in the new Det Ny Teater performance, Annie. I am not gonna say anything, only sing choir, dance and just be on stage at times. But damn! I got in! :D I'm really happy about it.! :)

But as I said! The weather has been wonderful today! I walked a long way home (yeah, live on the country where the busses just don't go...) ate lovely dinner, and practiced some Spanish! Hehe, I'm done and over with German at school. So now out of pure interest I started learning basic Spanish. Just because I like the fact of knowing the basics. XP

Oh well! Enjoy a bad recording of Loving Spoonful's Summer in the City for my sake! You can feel the suuun!!!

Over and out for now. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Brunch makes happy

My mother got operated this Tuesday, and is at home right now. My grandmother came by yesterday to visit my mother with flowers and such, and I thought it would be lovely to make a brunch for both of them. :) It was fun, I enjoy making food, as long as I got some music I can sing along to. ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

I've been wondering

- Hey... 
- I've been wondering... 
- About what?
- About you I guess..
- Really?
- About everything maybe.
- Not about me?
- No. I don't think so..
- Am I not a part of everything?
- Everything?
- Yes everything...
- Define everything.
- I can't. It's individual. 
- Like perfect? Am I perfect?
- No one is perfect...
- If no one and nothing is perfect. Then where does the word come from?
- From an imperfect world. 
- Then why hunt after perfect if it does not exist?
- Because it makes you wonder, it makes you want more.
- But what if I do not need more? Will that make me perfect?
- I guess...

Its weird to go through texts you wrote as 13 year old. 
Same questions still linger, and I have not become any smarter...

Philosophy Of Time Travel

Old photo from 2008 - found it rather interesting, when I saw it again...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

MURDUCK at Forbrændingen

Forbrændningen 20-05-11

I was watching the Danish band Murduck the 20th May, and it was AWESOME!!!
Go check put the music on their homepage

I was going to help them with filming this concert, and I was really exited about it. :) It wouldn't just be a normal video recording off the stage, it would be ON stage as well! And not only that, but with tiny cameras monitored at the end of the guitars and the base! XD And I can only say, it looks amazing! I am really looking forward to put all the material together to an amazing live DVD!  

Photos by Jacob Gren

When I was to move the movie recordings onto my computer the following day, I was still filled with Murduck fever after enjoying such an amazing concert and began to draw while the video was transferred. It ended up with a drawing that I wanted to share. XD I was inspired by their song: "Where is your crown." Well.. I added a crown to a murdered duck, how creative of me.. *cough* But I think it turned out okay, DAMN skeletons is a pain to draw/and none the less to add shades...