Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One of those... GOOD days!

Today we had really good weather in Denmark!

I woke up, not in the best mood since I had a very irritating nightmare.. You know those ones that are just haunting your whole mood when you wake up? Exactly. Really irritating.
     But I got up! Finished my book, and went off to Eventyrteatret. I actually haven't told it yet on the blog, but I got a role in this years play at Eventyrteatret! Woop! I was selected to be a part of the parade (singing choir and making impro theater beside the play.) But then I got a call last week, where they asked me to join the play; Herkules. Awesome! The girls who had the roles had to leave because they got a part in the new Det Ny Teater performance, Annie. I am not gonna say anything, only sing choir, dance and just be on stage at times. But damn! I got in! :D I'm really happy about it.! :)

But as I said! The weather has been wonderful today! I walked a long way home (yeah, live on the country where the busses just don't go...) ate lovely dinner, and practiced some Spanish! Hehe, I'm done and over with German at school. So now out of pure interest I started learning basic Spanish. Just because I like the fact of knowing the basics. XP

Oh well! Enjoy a bad recording of Loving Spoonful's Summer in the City for my sake! You can feel the suuun!!!

Over and out for now. :)

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