Sunday, May 22, 2011

MURDUCK at Forbrændingen

Forbrændningen 20-05-11

I was watching the Danish band Murduck the 20th May, and it was AWESOME!!!
Go check put the music on their homepage

I was going to help them with filming this concert, and I was really exited about it. :) It wouldn't just be a normal video recording off the stage, it would be ON stage as well! And not only that, but with tiny cameras monitored at the end of the guitars and the base! XD And I can only say, it looks amazing! I am really looking forward to put all the material together to an amazing live DVD!  

Photos by Jacob Gren

When I was to move the movie recordings onto my computer the following day, I was still filled with Murduck fever after enjoying such an amazing concert and began to draw while the video was transferred. It ended up with a drawing that I wanted to share. XD I was inspired by their song: "Where is your crown." Well.. I added a crown to a murdered duck, how creative of me.. *cough* But I think it turned out okay, DAMN skeletons is a pain to draw/and none the less to add shades...


Prathi said...

Awesome drawing :D

Saraff said...

WOW det er en vildt flot tegning. Hvorfor kan du finde ud af alt i hele verden?!?!?!?