Monday, January 23, 2012

19th Birthday

Friday the 20th January I had my birthday. Pff, I hate that 365 goes so fast. I don't know what to do with that day. It always seem to come as a surprise to me, and this year I didn't really have time or money to throw a party... But I had a lovely birthday anyway, and my grandmother came by at Saturday. 

I got some lovely gifts. Money, an AWESOME warm scarf and two CD's by my mother and farther, and a lovely card and a CD from my sister. My grandmother gave me chocolate (because I needed a present) and money.. :)

I had didn't go to school, since we got some canceled lessons and two lessons that was made virtual (assignments that can be made at home) So I started my day by getting some sleep, and later take a nice trip to Copenhagen short. 

In the evening I went to a concert with the Danish band Murduck at Forbrændingen in Albertslund. 
I really enjoyed! Good way to end the day. You can hear some from their last concert here: 

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