Monday, January 16, 2012

Product of anger

This would be the product of anger and boredom. It is drawn on the back of my homework, so you can see the text through.. XP
Today during class I got really pissed at my teacher (I don't usually get angry easy, but today my health wasn't on top, so it was small things that tricked it.) I had one of my favorite subjects, which I try to participate in. I put up my hand a couple of times, and is not selected - that's fine seriously.. XD But when a teacher you had half a year and tried to impress through the lessons suddenly express that he forgot your name... My mood flipped.. XD Sounds so derp when I write it now, but in the moment with my head it was enough.. :P

So I decided to continue the rest of the lesson, just listening and drawing random stuff... And that weird dragon came out of it..

I haven't drawn in ages. I wish I could do it more often and actually get better.. Forgets the daily draw challenge... Well... Today it is check!

Daily draw

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