Sunday, April 1, 2012

Borrowed Music

Since I was little, I've always been extremely fascinated by the Violin.

I asked my parents if I could learn how to play it, but they agreed that it might be too expensive (yeah right, they'd probably just didn't want to listen at me practice...) BUT TAKE THAT PARENTS! I have borrowed one now from my friend Thomas, and I'm practicing to the joy of all ears in the home! XP I knew it was a difficult instrument - but what a challenge for the ear. I can barely practice for more than 10min, then my ears get: "PLAY THE RIGHT TUNE OR BUNNY DIIIIEES!"


Thomas F. Sølvskov said...

Det er så fedt du er glad for at kunne låne den ;-)
Håber snart du giver en koncert :D

Ann-Sofie Pagels said...

Jeg er ikk sikker på jeg vil have koncert endnu!! :D