Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Metropolis - New musical

I just felt like writing my excitement about the new musical I'm gonna start now!
We start this Thursday, and I can't wait! Though the last time I participated in this musical group it was hard, but damn I miss the weekly dance, sing and acting training. It like "kept me going" in an active and motivating way.

This year is gonna be different than last year, where we played "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." That was a known story, and with solid songs.

This year it is self written by our instructor and is inspired by the book 1984 by George Orwell, The Fifth Element and the movie Metropolis. It's a future story of a corrupted world. The songs are gonna be famous hits from both rock, reggae, pop etc. The characters and complete story is still under work.

Maan! I'm so exited! I think it's such a cool concept, and I can't wait to see the characteristics!
It's gonna be challengeling but fun! =3

Sidekick. I'm almost good again after illness. Stupid thing. Fewer, inflammation of the throat, inflammation in my ear (was half deaf in the weekend. T_T) But now I fell better! Just need to get rid of the normal cold. 


» Lina ★ said...

awww! D: I hope you get better soon.. I hate to be ill myself... we all do~ so please get better soon~

and the musical sound totally awesome~ *O* when I read metropolis at first, my first thought was the anime movie by the Astro boy drawer. The picture look scary remind me of 2012.. maybe it is.. but yeah your musical sounds totally awesome.. it is good to challenge yourself from time to time ^^

Flybike said...

!? D:!! It sounds so exiting!
I really hope I can go see it this time, 'Cause I'm still sad I couldn't see your 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' .. I really wanted to ._. ..

Good that you are better! : D