Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Game of books!

This might be a bad thing - since this day is too good to be true! I'm not looking forward to the fallback! But dear lord, let me enjoy this moment of happiness and luck!

1. Had a lovely exam today! I "had" to watch some of Lars Von Triers Danish series "Riget" and talk about that! Media and Danish! Maaan! I couldn't stop talking! XD So lucky!

2.My trip home was with no problems with the public transportation! 1 minute to my train, 2 minutes to my bus! God! What a rare sight! 

3. I received my Game of Thrones special edition books I've been waiting for, and they are sooo pretty! 

4. I'm going to my theater today, God I love to act! :)

Whats up?!?!?! Problem? 


1 comment:

Emma Wain Grønsund said...

Godt du har haft en dejlig dag! :D Har også lige bestilt A Dance with Dragons! Elsker Game of Thrones <3