Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fail at planning

I don't know why. But I simply don't have the ability to plan anything at all. I'm getting crazy when people get "mad" that I can't figure out my own time. I might understand it somewhat, but is it wrong? I honestly hate arrangements... I don't know if I get easily stressed, or just insecure when I can't be lord over my own time. It's so wrong and so weird. It's normal to say: "Okay see you on Monday at 15 o'clock, yes?" I just can't. What if I'll get unable to go? There's so many who constantly ask when, when, when? 
When I get in a period like that, I just cut off, and often don't answer anything. Is that wrong? Maybe yes, but that's just how it is. 

I'll work on it...    Sorry..


★ Line M. Larsen ★ said...

"I just can't. What if I'll get unable to go?"

Maybe you don't want to feel 'tied down'?
As I see it, if you check that you're free at a certain date, and make plans with a friend at that time, nothing should be able to prevent you from going... I know, things you didn't expect can happen, an accident or something, and you'll might have to cancel an arrangement. But it's not really like important things, big enough to make you cancel your original plans, are going to show up all the time, right?

If you don't want to make plans with people, it might be because scared that you'll miss something bigger, more important, somewhere you'd rather want to go or be... But in that case, you'll just be underprioritising people...
If you really really wanted to meet up with that person or go to that arrangement, I think you wouldn't be hestitating to make it a definite promise/appointment/what ever it's called.. And if you keep avoiding making plans with people, when they ask you "when to meet up" or something like that, then in the end they'll might feel underprioritised or hurt, and then they'll show it by, as you mention in your post, getting mad at you... and that's not fun for anyone .-.

But that's just what I thought.. I'm sorry to hear that you find this matter so difficult... I hope you'll work it out eventually and find out why you feel the way you do about all of this. If you find out, you'll maybe be able to solve the problem! Making plans should be something that get you excited, not insecure nor stressed...

On a different note, I just saw your comment about my Maria cosplay, and I got really surprised that you also like Arakawa U.T.B. ^^ Since it seems like none of my other friends know about it.. If you someday make that Nino cosplay, I'll be happy to dress up as Maria once again, so you won't have to stress about making it for J-popcon 2010 or anything like that. I bet you would make a great Nino!

★ Line M. Larsen ★ said...

I realized that I might have sounded kind of ignorant or like someone who thinks, she knows it all... But I know I really don't, and I hope you won't see what I wrote in an offensive way, because I didn't intend to come across like that .-. I know how stressfull it can be when everyone is expecting something from you, and the feeling of not wanting to disappoint others... nor just say yes to everything in order to please them... But it sounds like it's bugging you, and I really wish for you to be happy, since I think you're a really sweet girl. Please feel free to write, if there's anything..

Flybike said...

I know how you feel ..
and what Line says sound right.
Sometime when I felle like you - I often just need some alone time - with my self, so I get bored .. Boredom is an important thing xDD; ...

And I know how to be very impulsiv, and I hate to plan more than a week forward but yearh .. Dunno ^^;

As line Says - write if there's anything~ ♥

~ said...

Du skal aldrig undskylde for at være dig selv ! :)
Du gør tingene som du finder rigtigt, og det må folk da også kunne respektere. De forventer jo åbenbart, at du skal være klart på alt :)