Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi guys! Yeah, screw the entry I wrote earlier about being more active on the blog... It seems like - just suck. The end. I'm not made for having an updated blog. I hope you'll follow me still anyhow, and see my random post once in a while. Less is more right? :P

Well, a lot of things happened - as usual. I'm actually grateful for having a life with a lot of different things going on, I like being occupied with too much stuff. Reduces the stupid silent moments in life which I find unbearable.

I just finished playing in Glassalen in Tivoli with Eventyrteatret. We played Valhal with inspiration from the Nordic Mythology. It was such a lovely process! It is so weird it's already over, I really enjoyed it and miss it all already. :) I'm so grateful that I can appear in Eventyrteatret's Christmas play as well. :) It is a lovely ending to my time at Eventyrteatret. :)

Here is some pictures I took during the time we performed. Hope you like them. :)

I was playing a Valkyrie, together with these lovely ladies: 
Pressphoto is by Hergaard Fotografi

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Flybike ☆ said...

Det ser helt vildt godt (og sjovt!) ud louise~!
Jeg er ked af at jeg ikke kom ind og så det,
men bare den lille smagsprøve du byder på i form af billeder er fantastisk!