Friday, June 11, 2010

New contact lenses!

Finally the first step of the next costume for the WCS in Japan summer 2010..!
Yesterday I received my contact lenses for Tear Grants! Oh my, I love Circle lenses! I never buy normal lenses again (unless it is for a boy, or natural look.) Circle lenses is loooove!

14,0mm diameter.. Insane doll blue.. I love them.. :3


» Lina ★ said...

OMG LOUISE! I LOVE YOUR EYES!! *U* Circle lens really suit you!~~ It looks so AWESOME!!!~~

Prathi said...

Freaky ^^but very Awesome!

Thomas Findval Sølvskov Sørensen said...

They look really cool!! They fit you, like it was you own eyes.. You have beautiful eyes :)
I wish you goodluck with the costume, I hope that I can see the hole outfit when you are finish ;-)

★ Line ★ said...

Circle lenses = da bomb!
Suits you ♥ Elsker også mine circle lenses, det er vildt hvor stor en forskel, de kan gøre :'3

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy the contact lenses?