Thursday, June 17, 2010

~ Zoo


The 15 of June I went to the Zoo to a evening event with my family.
I like cameras + I like the beauty of animals = Photographs with animals!
Read more for pictures.. :3

I got this invitation from my grandmother to go to the zoo with her and my family...
I haven't seen her for a while, so I couldn't thank no, and it would be nice to spend some time with her since I had so much to the past few months. And then it was the evening on the day I had my last exam, so vacation evening couldn't be a better time for just relaxing! =)

I have this photo addiction, and took over 700 pictures within less than 3 hours...
I wanted to edit some light on them, but my trial for Adobe Lightroom has expired on my laptop, and I'm too lazy to use my other computer - so another time. XD You'll just see some of the best pictures I got in rough version. X)

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