Saturday, September 18, 2010


Never underestimate the happiness and greatness about a loyal friendship...
As I wrote in an earlier post; I'm really bad to keep close to friends at the moment, since I don't have the ability to "keep in contact" that often that this century somewhat requires, before you can call yourself "friends."
     I sincerely from the bottom of my heart appreciate the friends that I have, that I can spend time with, do everything and nothing with. I sound so solemn. T_T But thanks to those people who accept me! And if I haven't spoken to them for a while, I really hope somehow they will still acknowledge me. Because absence is not a rejection, and I really hope people will understand it.


Yesterday was one of the greatest days in a long time. I attended a gymnasium party in my hometown, as a photographer. I was really exited, since I would meet some people I haven't seen a long time.
My best childhood friend, and still best mate was attending as well. I was going to surprise her, and when she saw me she screamed.! We haven't seen each other for 4-5months, maybe written to each other 2-3 times.. (I know it's so bad.) But she was almost crying and at first she didn't let go of me! I got wet eyes as well. I can't describe how happy I was to see her as well!. :) Though we haven't been in good contact, we know how important we are to each other. And that was really a nice feeling. :) Thank you Josephine. I love you.. <3


Anonymous said...

That's what I call a friendship.
Even if you don't have time for your friends, I still think you have a special place in their hearts.

Josephine said...

du er fantastisk menneske! du vil altid være en af de bedste, og selvom man ikke snakker sammen non stop, er det de rigtige venner, man har det godt med lige meget hvor meget eller hvor lidt, man ses.
tak fordi du er dig. you are the light when my days are bad... i love you!