Monday, August 29, 2011

One of those nightmares

I had this scary nightmare last night... I dreamed I woke up from my bed and walked to the kitchen. Then I heard the sound of my bird and walked into the living room. There she were sitting on one of the shelves singing. I was so happy to see her, and called her to me. She sat on my finger, and I cuddled gently with her and replied her song as I used to. Then my mother walked into the room, and I said of joy: "Look mom! She's okay!" Them my mom looked at me with a confused look: "Sweetie, she died last year." And I was shocking my head, but then she flew from my finger, over to her cage and in that second she fell to the floor, the exact image I saw the day she died while I had high fever. This time she was just older - rotten. I cried.

I walked back to the kitchen, but before I reached the door, my dog appeared in front of me. And I screamed - I screamed so loud. He was just jumping at me with his "happy face." I wanted to cuddle him, but I couldn't. How could I? He was dead. He laid down and looked at me with his brown eyes - then he disappeared. I returned to my room and my bed, and woke up again this morning. Empty house - damn. I hate nightmares when they play with your past.

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Nadi Axel said...

Ouch... nasty stuff (>_<)
Yeah, brains are helpful but they can be cruel, too..