Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy bus drivers are CRAZY!

I do not know what it is at the moment... But I tend to go into buses with craaaazy bus drivers!
I have gotten nausea every morning this week, because the bus driver is so bad with the speeder. Stops, drives, stops, drives...

And today when I was heading home - in a very good mood atleast! - the bus driver just - didn't stop before he was pass the busstop. Well... Respect for the man, he did stop when he found out he had driven by... Poor me for naively standing up and get ready to go of the bus. I somehow tend to fly from the back of the bus to the front, where a gentle lady catches me before I go any longer...

As I said - I was in a good mood, and very chocked and surpriced so I began to laugh, thanked the woman and hurried out of the bus (which by the way in this rush hour was pretty filled with people who stared at me)

I hope I will get on a normal bus tomorrow!

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