Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Cheap! Because I am so freaking poor! XP 
My lovely Sony Ericsson mobilephone which I had in almost 4 years, suddenly died one day. It had been such an incredible phone... "
"Why?! How could you?! My heart is broken! We've been together for almost 5 years! I've touched you every single day, and watched over you with my life! We've been everywhere together! And now you are doing that?! I trusted you even before the androids and iPhones became popular! Curse you Sony Ericsson C900i! Why wont you work properly anymore?!"
I am not the kind of person who changes phone every now and then because of gadget new pew pew awesome power! I simply do not have the money for that. XP I like to spend it on other things...
But well! It works! Got a bad camera an all that, but what the, I have a Canon EOS 450D for pictures, this is a goddamn phone! XP

The funny thing is.. This evening a problem raised with the messaging system, so I gotta call the company tomorrow. ._. Oh well.. 

See you!

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Wainzy said...

allerede en fejl.. det er jo lige det ._. gamle telefoner virker, det gør nye ikke..