Monday, September 5, 2011

New play - Alice in Wonderland

I was at this intro meeting yesterday at my "youth school" where I had played theater before. We were going to hear about this years production - Alice in Wonderland! The truth is that I had said to my self that I was NOT going to participate this year, because of my last year in high school and because I'm already in another play that takes a lot of time - and everyday in October. BUT! Come on! Alice in Wonderland! I CAN NOT RESIST IT! They have a lot of brilliant ideas on the story line, and the music they are gonna use! love..... I am really exited about it! They also have a lot of ideas on the scenography and costumes. Drool.. There will be audition tomorrow evening, and I am fairly nervous. I know the people who will be there, but.. I'm just really bad at presenting in front of a few people... Meh, I'll learn it someday! :3 Wah, it's gonna be good! But stressful! Gotta make it all fit together with school and other free time stuff (; Looking forward to it! :)

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L I N A ☆ミ said...

Haha Nice!! Alice in Wonderland Theme is so awesome! *O* Good luck with the audition! ^^ If you are going to show it to public I would love to come and see it! <3