Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Library Addiction

The last 3 weeks I think, I've been so no happy about waiting for the bus.. I don't know why. Busses just doesn't like me at the moment. I run after them, and the just drive by, I go off the train and there's like 20-40min before the next comes, because the previously just drove as I arrived...

Well! My point is, when I wait in a main city on my way home from school (where I only need a bus next to get home) I just don't wanna wait. XD They got a library, and I just go there..

The problem is - I can't walk into a library without finding something I find interesting and wanna take home to look closer to it. XD

This is how my floor looks like now:

And that's just the books I know where are right now. XD
Then I got 3 fat books with piano notes, and some CD's lying at my table.

The funny thing is. I can't even read properly! I'll never get through it!
My vision have failed me the past year, I got some reading glasses now, but after using them over a month I still feel like I have problems. Big problems actually. XP I can't focus on the text, damn stupid. Got wrong help, and used lots of money on glasses. . . Have to find out whats wrong. I love to read. But well. Now I found so many good books, I hope I can force myself through them, though it's hard.


Prathi said...

haha :D you got way too many books ^^
well there is only one way to go, and that is to READ! and read a lot :p

Flybike said...

Aaaah I love being on the libary!
I have always been mad about books, and looooooooove the smell of books *A*.
When I went to school in Denmark, and lived in sweden (as I did the first half year we lived in Sweden), I would always go to the libary before my mom came, so we could drive home to Sweden~ ..

ARH- .. you really REALLY have to chek that thing with your eyes D: .. It could be really important~!