Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A blog about a blog

I came randomly past a blog yesterday while searching for some html help. It was a blog about how to have a blog. That's common, there's lots of those sites, I thought it was fun an looked it through..

I just figured that I do lots of "wrong" things to maintain a blog, how to keep it etc.
It was fun. XD Because of course it said how to get views, how to be interesting and how to get comments. And as a big point: keep one focus. I understand that if it's a blog about something special, but if people use a blog as a "personal space" to share some knowledge or experiences with others, then I don't see why it could be about various things. XD

I failed at blogging. But I like to do it anyway. XD

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» Lina ★ said...

That sound liek totally fun! 8D can you send me a link plz?