Friday, October 8, 2010

Drawings from boredom

Illness + boredom =  watching LOTR and drawing...

I haven't been in school for 2 days... I hate it. But I would feel so awful with all the noise, the people rushing, the concentration, the reading... My head would die, explode..
     Today I couldn't even sleep long. Well, I got up with the attention to go to school. It was fine. I ate breakfast and all.. And then, BOOM.. My head hurt, I felt dizzy and hat to lay down. Cool... I stay home.

I've been laming - doing random stuff.. Played Pokemon on my DSi until I couldn't stand it anymore.
Watched food programs in tv?! I never watch TV.

Then finally I found something good to do.
I brought forth my dearest collection of The Lord of The Rings boxes, and have enjoyed film 1 and almost 2 now... (Extended versions.. <3) Yes I am a nerd...

I really love these movies. XD I can't see the first one, without starting the next, until the last one has ended..
(That is proximately 12 hours I think)

I was drawing for the first time in a loooong time while watching the first movie..
I got lots of inspiration from artists of DeviantArt. They are so undone, random and ugly (I didn't use more than 15-20 min on each). But it was nice just lying in bed and drawing while have LOTR in the background.

Just took fast webcam pictures of some of them:

I tried practicing drawing some Lotus flowers, since a friend of mine asked me if I could help him doing a tattoo he was going to have. O.o I will practice a lot!


Thomas Findval Sølvskov Sørensen said...

Nice pictures you have drawing !!!
Can I buy one of the?

Louise Lilly Eriksen said...

I don't sell..
But I can make you a requested one as an delayed birthday present. (;

Thomas Findval Sølvskov Sørensen said...

A delayed birthday present that would be so nice (;
I do actually not have any special requests, so you can make any drawing and I still would love it. :D

Louise Lilly Eriksen said...

XD haha..
Jeg er alt for fantasiløs at the moment..
Du bliver nødt til at give mig en idé. :)

Thomas Findval Sølvskov Sørensen said...

Det synes jeg ikke du, i hvert fald ikke ud fra dine tegninger.
Jeg er selv lost lige i øjeblikket.
Men kan godt prøve at tænke over noget.