Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's 1962 and teenagers Tracy Turnblad and her friend Penny Pingleton are watching the Corny Collins show. When the chance to dance on the show arrives, Tracy quickly takes the opportunity. Not only does he dancing skills attract Corny Collins, but also the attention of teenage heart throb, Link Larkin. But not everyone is happy with the decision to have her dance on the show. The shows manager, Velma von Tussle will do anything to get Tracy off the show, even if it has to include Tracy's parents of new friends Seaweed and Motormouth Maybelle.- From IMDB (because I'm too lazy...)


Penny Pingleton

Because this is a school production a lot of changes has to be made. So I got a twin! :D Penny Pingleton is in this version a twin couple called Penny and Jenny Pingleton.

She is an easy and funny character.
Too much energy, a bit dumb and totally a totally teenager from 1960.

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