Monday, October 4, 2010

Thought Crime 2011


Self written by our instructor and is inspired by the book 1984 by George Orwell, The Fifth Element and the movie Metropolis. It's a future story of a corrupted world.   
     It is about the man Winston who suddenly one day begins to "think." He steps out of the "daily routine" that the System has made. Every day looks the same. He buys a journal to write some thoughts down. But this is the biggest crime to do against the System. You have then made thought crime. And will be punished by it. At the same time, Winston falls in love with a girl called Julia, and he really believe in this love... Is it time to go against The System?


Journal voice Erasmus.
The wise, intelligent and arrogant.

The main character Winston is sometimes explained in different thoughts and feelings. We are 8 different feelings, that will be expressing his thoughts in monologues and songs.

I ended up having a hard time evolving this character since "she" was so "boring" compared to the other thoughts. To make this intelligent, arrogant thought I had to be totally down to earth but still "abstract."

But well! It was nice! And I loved my hair... XD I had to colour it total red, that was nice. :)


Here is the a live recording of the song Unnatural Selection, which is where the Thoughts scream out about the problem. I really love the song, (the music is awesome!) I sing the first three lines, in a very angry tone. XD Then followed up by Sabine and then the first chorus begins. Enjoy!

The ultimato ending song! You will know the melody as Uprising! It was so cool! This is where Winston steps up and goes against the system!!! Woop!

Press Photo
 Winston in the middle..
Noia the paranoid thought, Id the dark and creepy thought
and Erasmus the intelligent thought.


(I'm not finished uploading)



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