Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm ill.. AGAIN?!

I'm ill...
Once upon a time, I was a happy little kid, who never went ill,
I didn't have one sick school day a year.. (7-9-13)

But now?! What the fuck?!

I just hat a weeks fever 2-3 weeks ago.. Now this Wednesday I felt terrible, got home from school and slept 20 hours!? My ears and eyes were burning, and my head were getting squised, I couldn't stand hear any sound at all, and didn't eat for over 24 hours.
Now today, I can barely talk, barely breath, and my head is hurting.. T_T
I got extremely much "absence" % in school, and soon they might contact me if I don't contact them first.

Stupid immunity.. Why have you completely left me?!

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