Sunday, December 4, 2011

Update on November

Yes... This will be a boring update on my life this November. Since I have no skills in blogging at all, you'll just get it all in one post. Sorry for my language and for being pretty straight forward. 

Btw, some of it might seem a little weird (time sense), I wrote the most of this post last week...

November is the month of emotional roller coaster! A lot have happened which have been insanely good, and awful. Well I think that's what everybody would call life. It is just difficult to figure out if you are going to be all positive about it, or just stay negative not to get overwhelmed all the time. I tried both, and it drives you mad and gives you a mood that you cannot control. So I'll just deal with everything when it stands right in front of me. My philosophy right now: "One day at a time." And I'm sorry if this is a problem to the people around me, sincerely I am, cause I know it is. But if I don't think that way, I'll collapse. I didn't have much time for sleeping this month which have evolved into a very low immune and I have had these days where I felt really bad. And now at the end of the month I lost my voice completely.. And I'm just ill, ill and ill.

I had my theory test to my drivers license 3rd of November. BAM! I had one mistake more than was aloud. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Weird questions. I was so angry and dissapointed. But nevertheless not embarrassed, either way I wouldn't write about it here. It happens.  It is so expensive, and I had no time to take it again. And if I didn't get it fast I wouldn't get my final test to the driver license because of the weather that (maybe) soon will change in Denmark. BUT! Luckely for me already got a time the following week - and I passed. Yay for me I guess!

The 11th, 12th and 13th of November we had the danish convention J-Popcon in DGI-byen in Copenhagen. I would really love to make a separate post about it, but it would be boring since I have no pictures - and let me tell you why!
     At Monday the 7th of November we had a break in into our house. Well thank you God all mighty above, just what I needed. I had had the worst day in school, I was very sick and hat the longest trip home. I intended to drug my self and go to sleep as soon as I stepped into the house. And what did I see... Yes, what you see when you have had a break in. I can tell you. I yelled. I yelled as I have never yelled before... Anger filled the whole of my body, I felt robbed of course, but also extremely offended. My private space had been provoked in a way that it snapped for me. I ran round in the house hyperventilating and yelling - seriously never been so mad. And I felt so weak and helpless because of my sickness. I tried to call my farther but he didn't understand a word I said before I calmed down. The police came but like I expected - they did nothing since they can't do anything about it other than write down the circumstances etc. We lost a lot of very important things - AND I HOPE YOU ***** WHO TOOK IT FELL GREAT! God dammit...
     Well back to J-Popcon 2011. Since I had my mood swings and "oh so busy life" I had no time to make a new costume for J-popcon. And I didn't really feel so much for my old ones. So I decided that I would go natural (almost) all weekend, and take pictures of all the gorgeous people around me instead! :) But now you see.. We had a break in... and they amongst other things took the love of my life. Dearest Canon EOS 450D... No pictures at J-Popcon. So be it. But it was a nice weekend! Though I was feeling completely beside myself I really enjoyed! I got to see some lovable friends from Germany and Italy! <3 Thank God. And insanely huge congratulations to my girls Samie and Yoshu whom one the qualifications to the WCS 2012!!! I can't describe the joy I felt when they won! Yes - honestly - I cried when their names was shouted. I had cried so hard if no one was looking. I've never tried it before I think, to get filled with so much happiness because of those girls. Their performance was incredible and .. yes.. Waow, Gosh I'm glad they won! :)

Well, on the theater front - Now when Herkules is over, I got time to focus on my theater at Ballerup Ungdomsskole. We were at a small trip with the group the 29th and 30th where we got our characters/roles. As I wrote in an earlier post we're going to perform a new written version of Alice in Wonderland. The role of Alice is split in five different parts, to symbolize the change in her size etc. (and because of pedagogical reasons. XD) Well the thing is, I am to be one of these Alices! :) I hoped to get a crazy role now that it is Alice in Wonderland, but I'm really glad and I'm really looking forward to work with it all. :) We had some rehearsals and I'm loving it. :3 I hope when November ends that I'll get even more time for it, since I been really ill and had a lot of things I had to do so I couldn't be at every rehearsal.
    Lets stay with theater. We are now done playing Metamorfoser at my Gymnasium. It is a Greek inspired multi theater performance originally written by Ovid. It has been a weird.. Good now doubt! But weird, especially because I've been beside myself.

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