Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cosmetics - because...

Like you would care... XP I'm just... yeah...
I usually don't do nails... I just, don't. I don't have the time - it doesn't suit me, and I'm miserable at putting it on.. Buuut now I wanted to give this grey one a try. I've always liked the grey colour, and hat a silver like one when I was younger.. XP It was fun to try.. I'll go back to seen through again.. 

Bought this new liner from Loreal. It is brooown! And I find it better brown for a liner than black (unless it is for partaaay) the brown makes it a bit more natural and not so daark. This is really good. Precision! Yes! It is very easy to work with!

I needed a new mascara. And I took the wildest and craziest I could find... And it's actually quite nice! :)

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