Friday, July 23, 2010

4 days left

 Okay, I couldn't keep the "everyday until Japan" thing.. Sorry.. 
Fast update, because that's all I can do!

I finished all my cosplays yesterday... WOOP! Only 5 days until take off.. XP
Meanwhile I watched all the Lord of the Rings movies, extended versions.. Om nom nom, they are unbelievably good. I could watch them again right after the last one finished, even though it take a whole day. XP Oh well, the cosplays done! Actually that's a lie.. There's tiny little details I'm still working on.. ^^'

Our act also needs practice.. Much practice.. That will be tonight, tomorrow after we cleaned up the house.. I think my mom and dad truly miss their living room. :S We've taken it all... Nahh, we'll clear it up today or tomorrow, and the packing can begin..

I honestly can't believe when I'm writing that there's only 4 days left. It is truly unbelievable! Waow.. Somewhat time have gone so fast, and yet so slow. (Not slow, the stress is telling NOT TO SLOW!) XD
But you know the feeling, when something so distant suddenly is coming that fast..

Line and I took another little shoot today. Yesterday it was Tales of the Abyss, no two days ago.. Today Pandora Hearts.. SOme might think: "How the heck do you have time for a photoshoot?!" It's simple = we don't .. XD BUT! In that way (trying the costume completely) we become sure if we got it all, and maybe what we are missing. :) So that's just a time that hat to be made, to be sure we're not arriving in Japan and think: "shit, we forgot.." Somehow I feel that it's gonna happen anyway... BUT NO! I hope..

The finished, and last update on our lifejournal here:
Have the pictures of both my sister and me, and where the costumes will be used.. :)

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Wainzy said...

Jeg elsker den måde, I lever Jer ind i Jeres roller på! Håber det går godt i Japan, og husk at have det sjovt ♥