Saturday, May 1, 2010

A new step forward to WCS..

Today I worked very hard together with my sister and Karina on my WCS costume..
Gosh, I had to make a corsage, and that is HELL of a work I tell you! I never tried anything like it!
But well, I got a little forward and that's how it HAS to be. stress! Tomorrow it's the 1st May, I loove that day, and to be together with fantastic people .. But I just can't .. I have to make this costume, and it's really - REALLY sad.. :/


Killing corsage.. But it's working! Har taget mig en hel dag.. JA en hel dag som i 14 timer..
I fail at corsages..

The dog wants to help.. sweeet.. <3
Hanging out by the sewing case..

But well cya! I am so sleepy and gotta get up early tomorrow..

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