Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend end - Movie list horrebly long..

Okay.. The weekend is over.. And there have been so much stress on sewing my cosplay. It went well, but there's a lot to do UNTIL FUCKING FRIDAY! + Galla dress.. :S I can't handle it! Too much! Gosh.
But it has been a nice weekend, and lots of movies have been seen.. I work best when I have something like music or a movie in the background.. This is so funny.. I wanna do a list, of the films I have watched this weekend.

- Det støver stadig
- Passer, passer piger
- Støv for alle pengene
- Skønheden og Udyret
- Jungledyret Hugo
- The road to El Dorado
- Full Metal Jacket
- Ørkenes Sønner - Gå aldrig tilbage til en fuser
- Mesterdetektiven Basil Mus
- Titan A.E
- Anastasia

Jeg tror jeg har glemt nogle? O.o

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