Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eventyrteatret - Audition

I attended an audition to Eventyrteatret today.!
Eventyrteatret is a Danish drama/dance/song school for youngsters that enjoy playing theater.
It was pretty cool. I have known Eventyrteatret for a while, but never thought of actually go to the try outs, though it would be really interesting! I got encouraged by some people, and made up my mind. I would regret it later if I didn't try. SO I DID! WOOP!
But I admit. I HATE auditions! I love to perform, but not in front of people who are closely judging you, whether your good or not. :/
I survived. I performed some acting, and sang Strangers like me from the Disney movie Tarzan in danish.
Though I was really nervous, I think it went okay.. :/
I'll know in two weeks if I'm in... :) It would be really amazing.

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