Thursday, December 16, 2010

When a trip to school just wont work

Okay. Today was... Well today. It started out so crappy. Not "worst case scenario!" kinda, but just tiresome.. I had one of my damn morning headaches and dizziness, but despise that I left home in good time. But my bus was not on time... I waited for 24minutes, until a bus came to take the snowman with it. Yes, me. God I love snow. BUT NOT WHEN...! You know..

When I finally in the late bus arrived at the station I ran after the not late train. I said to myself today that I wanted to wear my boots instead of my wellies... But that was a big mistake, when I ran for the train I tripped on the stairs and fell down on my but. Well thaaank you... A woman saw me and hold the door so the train wouldn't go... Well, sometimes people got some heart.

I got on the train, and since I was late, I thought: "I go off Copenhagen Central Station and take a InterCity train to get to school faster!" Of course in my stress and confusion I got on the wrong train and drove a good way back again. So I had to find the same train and take the trip over again.
Then I didn't get my metro because a school class spared the whole way so I couldn't run. How is it that EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING can go wrong on a trip to school? One hour and 40 minutes to school god dammit...!

I'm done whining now...

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