Friday, December 3, 2010

Todays Outfit - Being personal

I made a voting, where 6/7 voted for more personal journal posts...
Well it is a personal blog... Hmm.. I considered since many people do "todays outfit" posts, I think it could be funny as well.. Sara does it.. =D Go check her awesome blog out! :) And Liv just have this amazing style, it's always cool to watch what she wears!

I can't figure out if this will be a "I don't care what you wear, stupid girl.." Since I don't got a cool style others would find interesting to watch.. But whatever! It's my blog..... XP


Well then!
The outfit of no special day

I don't really have a special style I follow. I just choose clothes I find comfortable. XD

Today was just a t-shirt, black cardigan, scarf and LEG WARMERS! Mmm.. I can't live without them when Winter has arrived!

I bought this "Alice in Wonderland" t-shirt in Japan this year.
I love it. Haha... I think the style is really neat. :3 It was quite expensive considered what "it is." But I really loved the design, so I had to have it.

This is a new scarf I bought yesterday!
Whohoho. I have a weakness for scarfs. That is my "I always buy on a shopping tour,"
like some people have it with bags, shoes etc.

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Saraff said...

Åårh hvor du sød! Elsker din t shirt :D