Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

[Photo by nuaHs]

Happy New Year to ya all!
I hope you all had a good 2010! Of course with its ups and downs! 

I wont write a half roman here about my 2010, maybe in 2011 as a part of the new years resolutions.. :) But short, my 2010 was a year filled with all it could bear I guess. You can't say that.. But well.. All from the menu if that's better explained. I experiences my first real Musical perfomance in March, but together with that amazing experience it brought upon me extreme stress together with my school and the World Cosplay Summit in Japan. But! The ups and downs! Damn! I went to Japan, and it was amazing! I attended my schools musical Hairspray with some awesome people! It was great! =D

But hey! I lost my 11 year old bird, my 10 year old dog, my house is empty, I can't follow in school anymore and I'm more depressed than ever. (Why pack things in, if its the truth.. This is a my blog anyways..)
     But despite that! Something in me is hungry for 2011! To make it a good year, despite what happens. Life only goes one way - forward if you wish it too. You can be sad, but then you have to move on again, and remember all the people around you. Who are there for you..! 

So with that shortly said, I wish you all an amazing and unforgettable new year!

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★ リーナ ★ said...

Awww Happy New year!
I'm sad to hear that about your pets and about your depression D: I hope you'll be happy and smile again! T____T I wish I could help, but since I don't know you that well I might only be a bother.

Btw I'm also happy for the happy things which happened to you! ^^ I hope you'll get an amazing 2011 filled with a lot of good memories and together with people you care for.