Friday, February 24, 2012

Praha time!

Hey! I went to Prague last week with a bounce of other people from my school! It was great! Even though I had tonsillitis, and didn't really have a clue how I could treat it. So I drank and partied with the others and whined for myself (or at least in our hotel room.) Stupid illness. Tsk. But nevertheless! It was a great trip! And we experienced a lot of different and - unique stuff.. I got all the boring pictures here! Cause as you see, I brought my baby with me, and he was not aloud to party in the night - so no awesome pictures of the nightlife in Praha, I give that job to my iPhone privileged friends.! XP I filmed a lot as well, but haven't had the time to clip a video yet. It will come later, cause there is nevertheless some good clips there! XD

Anyway. Enjoy the pictures, if you like! :)

Some of the pictures should really need a description.. But I am too lazy, so use your imagination...

And to some of the food! YES IT WAS IMPORTANT!

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