Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oil paint - first try

When I got home today from Eventyrteatret around 20:30 I felt like painting! I've wanted to paint since I bought the new paint last Friday, but didn't have the time in the weekend. But tonight, insanely tired - I felt like giving it a try! It took me an hour and a half so that tells a little about how much work I actually didn't put to it. XP But it's okay, I didn't want it to turn out as a masterpiece or anything. I haven't been painting for - years. I just wanted to play around and tried to paint a photo I took the other day - scroll down to see it. 

It looks better on distance than up close. XD But it was cool to try, can't wait to do something more to experience with the colours. But damn, oil paint is not my favorite. XP I painted it on my lap, holding it with my hands... My pants are not black anymore...


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