Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 days left


Okay, honestly this been a very wicked day. . .
I woke up, extreamly confused and misplaced in my head.. I had looots of dreams, that really made some morning scars on me. I tried it before, but it’s been a while since it have been so ”strong.” Stupid dreams, messing with the mind and adopting it to the real world. Kind a creepy actually.

Oh well. I continued my work on The will of the Abyss. She is a little ”pain in the ass” it doesn’t want to do as I want. I wish it was just finished by now, but argh. XP Yeah.. She’ll be finished tonight! Hopefully. Tomorrow – we’re having guests tonight.. 
    I really wanna do my Tear Grants finished first, but the last parts is so irritating for me, that I just keep walking over it. XP It is so stupid I know, I have to make it… It will be some night when it gets clear to me how little time there’s left. XP

I talked with my sister, that we should dress up as Luke and Tear tomorrow maybe, and use an hour to walk through our city. In the head, in the shoes, and everything to come. Just to tryout for the parade, and maybe see if something isen’t working. Yeah, a good time to do that, but if there is something, it’s better to know now, than in Japan…

I got lots of difficult information today about the trip to Japan and everything. Unapropiate for a personal blog, so I’ll leave it at that.

I have found out that I seareously suffer from plane/flying phobia. XP I never liked flying. Espacially not the start or the end. But today when we looked at the airplane to Japan, I began to shake and cold sweat a bit. I had to sit down a moment for my self and breathe very deeply. XS I think it also was a combination of ”FUCK PLAIN!” and ”FUCKING HELL I’M GOING TO JAPAN?!” That was a combination my stupid mind and body didn’t like.. I can usually contain much, but that was as I said just a very strong combination for me.

As I said, we were going to have guests today. My cousin and his future wife, and their lovely son. =3 Their gonna get married in August, it's gonna be amazing. First time I'm attending a wedding. :) They are so nice, I love being together with them. And their son... =3 He's amazing. 7 months old and constantly smiling. :)

This day would end perfectly if my sister says yes, to stress off a bit and watch Hook with me.: X) That would be really nice. :)

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