Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arrived in Japan!


I have no words to desribe.
Just insanely glad I am here, and a fantastic experience to meet the other participants!
I upload pictures, then you can make the story. ;D I write personal journal, and will upload it after the event. I wont upload it now, because I don't have time to write it "clean."

There's not so many pictures.. I'm bad at remembering taking pictures..

Big plane is big..
The German team and their movie crew ;D

Arrival at the hotel!

It's all on japanese (no shit Sherlock) it's amazing.. I'm in heaven.. =3
Ash from Team Australia came by! Kidnapped us and made us faint with their beautiful costumes!

Puka and Bridget at dinner.. ! Mmm..

Evening street.. Photo taken half an hour ago. :)

See ya!


Wainzy said...

Coooool!!! =D
Hvorfor havde tyskerne en filmholm med? =0

Meli-chan said...

SUGOI desuu!! I am totally ... hm something xD here back in Denmark *.*

Jos said...

ser virkelig nice ud! håber du har en fantastisk tur! :-)

Peter said...

Sooo jealous! Look forward to seeing more photos. Oh how I miss Japan. Good luck Louise. :D

chikara said...

goooood tuuuurrr!!:D :D :D <3

eisaku tomatsu said...

I'm "Amuro Ray"(GANDAM).
Are you remembers?
You are come here.

See you next [COSPLAY SUMMIT 2011]