Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nearly an update.

Okay... I haven't been good updating my blog lately.
Reason: The World Cosplay Summit...

I really can't wait to go to Japan and experience this fantastic event, but I can't deny that I'm not exhausted and extremely stressed either... :/

I still need to sew a lot, and our act is beginning to be a pain, since some of our moves can't seem to work.. And with all other stuff in my head, I'm extremely empty for constantly finding new methods and ways to do it... Many says: "Relax, and enjoy the event.." But I really can't. I can't do something, without truly trying doing my best... Also when some people are depending on you, I'm using every fiber in my brain to get this to work out the best...

Sometimes I get the feeling when I'm going to bed, that I don't have time for sleeping... But sleeping is underestimated, and I truly worship it.. XP But tomorrow there'll be 11 days before leaving to Japan, and that is not a pleasant thought - yet... I WANNA GO! But not yet. Please stress, be kind to me and make it possible for my sister and I to work this out, and have a nice time in Japan with the other participants from the other countries.. :/

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Zuum said...

I really hope that you guys finnish your cosplays and act very soon so then you can enjoy it! ;A; Nothing can ruine a good trip more than stress.
I wish you both the best of luck and I REALLY hope you'll enjoy it fully without beeing stressed up or anything! ^o^/