Monday, July 19, 2010

8 days left - Shopping & Visitcards

Okay. I'll see if I can manage (uhh) to make an update everyday until I leave for Japan..

The days are going fast! I feel every night, that I just woke up..
Line play some WCS videos everyday to warm up, looking at the acts from last year, and something from the parade.. And I hate her for it! XP Every time I hear it my body is filled with adrenalin, I turn light headed and my heart beats faster. I can't wait for Japan! It's gonna be amazing, but damn! I'm nervous and yeah... :) We must practice hard.. If I know time and space correct, it could be tomorrow our plane leaves.. XP "Don't do tomorrow, what you can do today.." That is a quote I take VERY serious right now.. :)


Today I went shopping with my sister, some emergency stuff.
God dammit, I thought we had that shopping last week. XP But emergency stuff seems to jump up constantly..

- Sunbloker
- Zippers for cosplay
- Eyelashes
- Gifts for WCS participants.. =3
- Candy (because I really, really was in need.. XD)
- Budgy food (because my bird really needed it. XD)


My sister and I also recieved our visitcards today! Woop. XD Haha, it's so funny.
500! That's insanely many cards. XS
Finally I can as a little child dream, use the phrase: "Here's my card.." XD haha..
It's a wicked thing suddenly to have such a thing, because they in Japan will be asking for contact information.. O.o Oh well.. They are some what really handy, then you don't have to write down your email on the paper you never have and with the pen that's always out of ink... XP

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Thomas Findval Sølvskov Sørensen said...

Could it be that I might get one as a kind of autograph before you get to famous ;)
So I can say: "I knew them before they became famous and knew that they would be it".