Monday, July 26, 2010

1 day & 16 hours left


Okay.. Because I am stupid I'm writing now.
It's 01:57 in Danish time, and I should really be sleeping. 1. I'm going up early tomorrow, and have to do insanely many things. 2. When we have left Denmark on Tuesday there will be no relaxing before the 2nd of August. :) And I'm a very bad sleeper, and with the nervousness and stress in Japan, it will be very impossible for me to sleep well.. Damn, shut down the computer and sleep.
But I can't..

Sis and I practiced performance again today. (What else..) I think it's gonna work. I HOPE it's gonna work. :S There are some places that I'm very insecure on works, and will work out at least. :S We'll do our best, and hope they will like it..

I just made myself a glossary with Japanese phrases and words. I have studied Japanese in almost 2 years (I think) now (not intensive) with two different teachers.. But I haven't (because of school and other interests) been able to completely go into the language. So no fluent for me.. I need a book to be supported by.

Nah, I really think I should get some sleep.. This is hopeless. I don't know if I have the time to write tomorrow. I'll get angry at my self actually if I find time.. XP
I'm not sure yet, whether I'm gonna bring my computer for the journey. Because of our costumes, we can barely have our own clothes with us because of the weight.. So how the hell would I bring my laptop.. T_T But I really want it with me..

Hmm.. Who knows..
Maybe the next update will first be when I come home.. See ya!

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