Friday, March 16, 2012

Jack Vessalius Photoshoot

The weather was really nice today, so I forced my sister into a cosplay, so I could take pictures of her..!
I have no experience with "people" or cosplay photos yet, so this was as much an experiment for me and my camera.
I think some of them turned out okay, she look gorgeous!

Character: Jack Vessalius
Series:“Pandora Hearts"
Author: Jun Mochizuki


Mie Rose said...

That's one handsome sister you have! (haha so strange, but guess it is okay when it is crossplay? XD)
I really like the angels you have found, and the light is really nice too.

Kami said...

Oh my god.... the colors in pic no. 5 - Amazing!

One who wishes she had a nickname said...

Hot damn!! Sikke nogle dejlige billeder du har taget! *v*

Anonymous said...

*This is direct to the coser*
Wow, you're so good. But there are some mistakes. First is the wig. Jack's sideburns are not that long. Second, I find your facial expression rather confusing. Jack is either very cheerful, with a wide smile ^_^ and so, or nostalgic and sad (when he thinks of Lacie)Your face expressed neither.
I know it's a long time ago, but just some comments :)